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New Kinect allows you to stand three feet closer than the original

The new Kinect will require you to stand only 1.4m (four and a half feet) away from the sensor if you're playing alone instead of 1.8m (six feet) like the original Kinect, a leaked Brazilian Xbox One installation manual has revealed. If playing with a friend, you'll have to stand about 1.8m (six feet) away from the new Kinect, instead of two metres. Additionally the sensor has to be placed half a metre off the ground and no higher than 1.8m in the air.

The manual also suggests a higher placement of the Kinect for Xbox One is preferable and clarified that an Xbox Live Gold membership will be required to use services such as Skype on the new system.

A good Xbox One installation also apparently involves connecting the console up to the internet and using a 720p television.

Does the new Kinect's range mean it'll finally fit in your living room?

Thanks, Polygon and NeoGAF.

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