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New Gamespot ed "taken aback" by Gerstmann sacking

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In his first interview since being promoted to editor-in-chief of US site Gamespot, Ricardo Torres has admitted that the high profile departure of long-time editorial boss Jeff Gerstmann could have been handled "differently".

"We were all pretty taken aback and surprised by how it all went down," he said, speaking in this interview. "Hindsight's always 20/20, and I think we've made it clear that we would have loved to have done things differently, but dwelling on it isn't going to help things... Our goal really is to just acknowledge what happened, that we're bummed about it, but we do still need to take GameSpot forward."

Gerstmann, as you know unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months, left Gamespot last November after internal friction over a 6/10 score for Kane & Lynch. Torres admits the entire farce was a shock to the site - one of the "big two" in the US alongside IGN - but things are moving forward.

"From the outside, because we were quiet and because of how things got painted, the assumption is everyone's really anal right now and very down," he added. "But people are coming to work, we're putting out content, people are getting back into the swing of things. Everybody's human and this was a shock to the system. Everybody's working through it. Everybody's moving forward in their way. People are going to get back up to full speed in their time. I'm kind of the caretaker; I'm here to help people any way I can."

Take a look at the full thing.

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