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New Batman Game from Warner Bros. Montreal Teased, May Feature The Court of Owls

But it won't be at The Game Awards later this week.

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Rocksteady might be the storied developers of Batman games, but what if another studio is working on a DC-centered game? If a new leak is to be believed, Warner Bros. Montreal could be developing a new Batman game.

Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer Valerie Vezina can be seen just below, wearing a Batman: Court of Owls t-shirt. If you're not familiar with the group, they're a cabal of powerful citizens that operate behind the scenes to manipulate Gotham city.

As you can imagine, they meet some pretty fierce opposition from Batman. Warner Bros. Montreal previously developed Batman: Arkham Origins, which debuted in the years between Rocksteady's Arkham City, and Arkham Knight.

However, creative director Patrick Redding has shot down speculation about the game being shown off at The Game Awards 2018. With the tweet below, Redding stated that the studio won't be at the awards ceremony, much like how Rocksteady's Sefton Hill shut down rumors that the British studio would be over in LA for The Game Awards later in the week.

While neither Rocksteady or Warner Bros. Montreal will be making an appearance at The Game Awards later this week, plenty of other developers will be. For a full list of all the award nominees, head over to our Game Awards 2018 guide.

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