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Nintendo Q3: 1.9M New 3DS models sold, Wii U lifetime sales hit 9.2M

New 3DS XL has sold 1.3 million units as of December 31, 2014, Nintendo announced in its Q3 financial results today.


New 3DS moved 580,000 units by the end of the same period. Lifetime sales of both systems combined total a little under 1.9 million.

Combined global sales for current 3DS models available in Europe and North America hit 5 million. For the nine months ending December 31, 3DS models in the two regions sold a combined 7 million units. Nintendo has lowered its sales projections for the systems in the Europe and North America for the year to 9 million, down from 12 million.

Wii U sales for the quarter came in at 1.9 million, bringing global sales to a little over 3 million for the nine months ending December 31 and lifetimes sales to 9.2 million.

During an investors call today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors close to 5.7 million Amiibo have been sold worldwide (per Bloomberg).

The figures run $13 (£10.99) each in the US, which means the company has made approximately $74 million (£63 million) on the toys.

On the software side of things, 53 million units of 3DS games were sold globally for the current financial year. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was the big ticket earner at 9.4 million units sold for the quarter.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS moved 6.2 million units, Super Smash Bros. Wii U sold 3.4 million units, and Mario Kart 8 moved 4.8 million units during the quarter.

Nintendo noted continued, positive sales for Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X & Y, and Tomodachi Life. Third party sales were also noted as positive.

Q3 sales for the company came in at ¥272 billion ($2.3 billion) with net income at ¥45.2 billion ($381 million).

Despite the strong holiday quarter and the launch of New 3DS XL in the west next month, Nintendo has reduced its full-year projections by 6.8% and expects to report a net profit of ¥30 billion ($255 million) for the end of the fiscal year.

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