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Neverwinter releasing in two weeks, screens show Gauntlgrym end-game content

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have annopunced a release date for Neverwinter.

The open beta has concluded and the MMO will launch on June 20.

On that day, the Gauntlgrym, Neverwinter's free level 60 PvE and PvP content for veteran players, will also launch. Additionally, the first free content expansion, Fury of the Feywild, has been revealed.

The Gauntlgrym end-game content referred to features a large PvE and PvP battleground where players fight for treasures hidden in the ancient Dwarven city. You can see shots of it below.

Fury of the Feywild, is due this summer and chronicles an attempt by Fomorian Giants to seize the Elven city of Sharandar. More details on this are scheduled for a later date.

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