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Netflix's next big live-action anime adaptation looks like it'll go head to head with Ghostbusters

The streaming service is bringing Yu Yu Hakusho to a new generation.

The first full trailer for Netflix's next big live-action anime adaptation, Yu Yu Hakusho, has dropped, and it's looking pretty good!

No matter where you look at the minute, big budget, live-action takes on classic anime and manga series seem to be everywhere (like that recently confirmed Naruto movie). Netflix just so happens to be responsible for more than one of those series, having released the ridiculously popular One Piece series back in August, and now, ahead of its release next week, the streaming service has given us our first full trailer for Yu Yu Hakusho. We did get a teaser last month, but this is the first trailer to properly dive into all the plot shenanigans.

Cover image for YouTube videoYu Yu Hakusho | Official Trailer | Netflix

You can check out the trailer above, but for those unfamiliar with the series, here's a little run down for you. The series originally started as a manga from Yoshihiro Togashi, possibly better known as the creator of the equally acclaimed Hunter x Hunter, kicking things off right at the end of 1990. It follows teenage delinquent Yusuke Urameshi, having died after being hit by a car while trying to save a child's life. He's then tasked by the rule of the Underworld to take on the mantle of "Underworld Detective," having to take on demons and ghosts alike in the Human world. Not quite Ghostbusters, but some ghost busting is involved in the series.

Japanese live-action adaptations of classic manga and anime aren't that uncommon, but this is the first time Yu Yu Hakusho is getting one, despite being quite a popular series. The trailer above is honestly looking pretty promising, with that Netflix budget being put to good use. It's set to come to Netflix December 14, in just over a week, so it's not long until you get to try it out for yourself. While it probably won't reach the level of success as Netflix's One Piece, it might still be a good way to try out a classic series for the first time.

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