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NCSoft issues lay-offs at Seattle office as part of "realignment"

NCSoft has confirmed an unspecified number of job cuts at its Seattle office.

The international publisher, which is best known for its Korean MMORPGs and Guild Wars 2, confirmed the lay-offs with PC Gamer.

“NCsoft is realigning internal publishing resources to better suit the needs of our game development studios,” PR director Lincoln Davis said.

“As a result of the realignment, several employees and contract positions were affected. This was a very tough decision to make and wish the best for all NCsoft employees in their next ventures.”

Despite the major success of Guild Wars 2, NCSoft has been undergoing hard times; in fact, Guild Wars 2 has become one of just three major earners in its catalogue. It has become increasingly reliant on western markets, and the release of Guild Wars 2 sent it into quarterly profit for the first time in 12 months.

NCSoft recently closed City of Heroes and developer Paragon Studios, much to the horror of its vocal fan base.

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