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NBA Live 14 will be a next-gen exclusive game

EA has revealed that NBA Live 14 will be a next-gen exclusive title and it's pledging "enormous financial commitment" to the game.

The game's executive producer Sean O'Brien revealed this news in an open letter to fans:

"There is an enormous financial commitment to the development of the product on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, including the size of the team and resources required to give us every opportunity to make a great basketball game that can compete with such a solid franchise like NBA 2K."

O'Brien also said that the new game will make use of data from statistic-tracking service Synergy Sports Technologies, allowing EA Sports to update NBA Live 14 "within an hour" of an actual NBA event taking place.

NBA Live 14 releases later this year for PS4 and Xbox One, and will be running on the new EA Sports Ignite game engine.


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