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NBA Jam PS3/360 official, included in every copy of NBA Elite 11


It's official: NBA Jam is coming to PS3 and 360. Yay! Bad news: there's no PSN/Xbox Live Arcade release planned.

Instead, the only way to get the game is if you buy NBA Elite 11 for PS3 and 360. And even then, EA's Jordan Edelstein admits that it won't be the full Jam experience.

"We're still holding back the Remix Tour for the Wii consumer, and that's about 20 hours of gameplay," Edelstein told ESPN.

"But for the PS3 and 360, we want people to try 'Elite'. We feel like 'NBA Elite 11' is a great product and we want people to give it a chance and see all the changes we're making. So as a way to say thanks to these people, we are going to let them experience 'Jam'. It's not the full product, but it's a good portion of it."

And to reiterate: "We're not selling 'Jam' on PSN or Xbox Live. If you still want the full product, the full experience is on the Wii, but if you pick up 'Elite', you're still getting a good taste of it, especially with the inclusion of online play."

And there you go.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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