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Build a troop of goblins, golems, and soldiers with Natural Doctrine in September

Strategy RPG Natural Doctrine will be released in September on PlayStation 3, PS4 and Vita NIS America has announced.


Developed as Kadokawa Game Studio's inaugural title, it features cross-play and cross-save, and know this: should any party member die, "it’s game over for you." That's pretty hardcore, there.

Natural Doctrine contains both a single and multiplayer mode, the later of which allows for cross-platform online multiplayer. Also, the more you play, the more characters you’ll have available in order to build a nice troop of goblins, golems, and soldiers.

These can also be used in online co-op mode.

At some points you will also have to adjust your character skill sets and item combinations to optimize your party, while battle tactics like "strategic linking and character positioning will be key to surviving this harsh world."

The game will hit both retail and PlayStation Network on September 16 in North American and September 19 in European markets.

A limited edition including a copy of the game can be pre-ordered here.

Thanks, Gematsu.

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