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Namco looking to put in 15 years of know how into new Tales of PS3 title

Tales of PS3

The new untitled Tales of PS3 title that was announced earlier this week will see 15 years of experience and know how to bring the game to fruition, producer Hideo Baba has told Famitsu.

Very little information was given on the title following its reveal on Monday, but what Baba did say on it was to pay close attention in the difference between light and dark.

He added the development team was looking to include a new art look to the game, compared to the anime of Tales of Versperia or Tales of Graces' watercolour.

He went on to say the basic framework for the game is almost done, and elements can now be added.

"While we can't share screenshots and characters yet, the staff is putting its full effort into development to produce a game that's suitable for the 15th anniversary," said Baba.

A date for the game in Japan wasn't listed in Famitsu.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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