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Deus Ex: Human Revolution code broken - but puzzle continues

The fiendishly clever Internet Massive has broken the Deus Ex: Human Revolution code, finding yet another tease.

According to Blue's News, the code somehow led players to the website Checking its source code, the super slueths found a set of GPS coordinates, which point to Uluru - sometimes known as Ayers Rock.

The message also contained a sequence of morse code, which was used as a password on the site, yielding the image below, which suggest a reveal over the weekend. Click to enlarge.

As nobody had managed to crack the mysterious Deus Ex: Human Revolution code until a few hours ago, Eidos Montreal had released extra clues.

Director Jean-François Dugas tweeted: 7 2 / m 1 / . 4 Producer David Anfossi tweeted: r 5 / i e / y p Studio lead Stephane D'astous tweeted: a d / u k / w 0 The new pieces of code come in addition to a chunk found yesterday: 5 – / ! f / f q / x c / q y / d 3 / ? x / t $ / j #

For your convenience, here's the original message to be decrypted: okM8-+Ds4Dui?lMh$Mzvm14SBqe7;G.l6=u74b?mkh-45Ki60d+98XBpCku7

That was what some clever clogs turned into the information above. Amazing.

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