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Monster Hunter World: the best way to farm Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations

In Monster Hunter World, there's a particularly efficient way to quickly farm Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations.

A big part of the Monster Hunter World mid-late game is fighting what the game calls Tempered Monsters. As we've previously explained, Tempered Monsters are more challenging versions of monsters you've already fought.

They hit harder, and require you to be on your toes for the entire fight. Tempered Investigations is how you get to fight Tempered Monsters, but sometimes, Investigations for this special breed of monsters don't show up on your list as often as you'd like.

In case you're unaware, Investigations primarily show up on your list the more monster footprints you gather (see our beginners guide for more). The same goes for Tempered Investigations, but since you can't control how many of these you'll find, it gets tricky.

However, there is a way you can sort of game the system and gather loads of footprints (enough for two-three Investigations per hunt). The best way of doing this is by going after Nergigante, because he tends to leave so many footprints behind.

How to farm Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations

Starting from the top, you need to have at least one Tempered Investigation unlocked for Nergigante. Load it up, and start at the Southwest Camp in Elder's Recess.

You'll notice that this is not the closest camp to his lair, and that's the point. Starting at the Southwest Camp allows you pass the time before reaching area 14, which is where the fight will start.

You can either sit around doing nothing for five or so minutes, allowing him to generate more footprints, or, you can spend this time gathering Beryl Deposits - a very useful material.

If you want the most efficient way of doing this, there's a particular farming route you can follow that allows you to pick up a lot of Beryl Deposits. Watch the video below to see it.

When you've exhausted all deposits, go back to camp and wait for the Beryl Deposits to respawn (you can track them by viewing the map) and repeat this run until you're satisfied. Then, head to area 14 and start the fight.

When Nergigante leaves the area, you'll have an opportunity to pick all of the tracks he's been leaving behind since you loaded up the zone.

There should be enough in there for two or three Investigations, but you should know that there's no guarantee that these will be Tempered Investigations. Even still, this is an easy way to farm them, and some of the Investigations you generate will always be Tempered.

If you're only just started seeing Tempered Monsters in your game, we recommended reading up on Augmentation in Monster Hunter World. This allows you to imbue weapons and armour with skills that will really come in handy in the endgame, especially when going up against Tempered Monsters.

Tempered Monsters themselves are a great resource for endgame material, so the two systems feed into each other.

If you're not there yet, and some of this doesn't make sense to you, don't worry! You can still give our Monster Hunter Guide a read for a more streamlined learning curve.

Monster Hunter World is a dense game, and doesn't do a good job of explaining its many systems and mechanics, so it won't hurt to glance over it every time you need to.

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