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Molyneux to Godus doubters: "I'll change it and your doubts are going to have to change"

Peter Molyneux's god game Godus is in Steam's Early Access program now, meaning it isn't at 1.0 status yet and 22 Cans can and is drastically changing how the game works on a regular basis in response to feedback. Thus, he told Joystiq at EGX, the haters will have to come up with new reasons for hating each week.

"What I say to the doubters is, 'Okay, you can doubt me for a week, [but] I'll change it and your doubts are going to have to change,' " Molyneux said. "It probably takes us anything from a day to two weeks to make a new version [of Godus], and we'll address all the points out there. That's an amazing, incredible way to develop a game. I'm not a designer, I'm a design curator."

"My inspiration was Markus Persson. What he did with Minecraft really inspired me. It's wasn't just what Minecraft was, it's what Minecraft became. He didn't lock himself in an ivory tower saying, 'I know what makes a great game.' He involved all of us in that great game. That's my inspiration."

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