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Molyneux talks choices, Han Solo

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In an interview with MTV, Lionhead's commander in chief Peter Molyneux said that the choices in Fable II have possibly solved "The Han Solo Problem."

"If you saw a family there and had to kill these bandits to save the family, you’d kill the bandits to save the family," he said.

"If I said to you, 'okay, to save this family, you give up half your gold.' Would you give up half your gold to save the family? Maybe you would, don’t know," he went on.

"The most interesting one is if I said 'to save that family, you must be horribly, grotesquely scarred and there’s no way of ever removing the scar or the aging.' What we found is that far, far fewer people were willing to sacrifice that.

"Fewer people are true good or true evil and they’re much more towards the middle.

"I think that’s very interesting. I had to test how good [people would be]. With Han Solo, how good is good? Can you get as good as Luke Skywalker? Even he wasn’t truly good."

He stopped. Loads more Molyneux through the link.

By Mike Bowden

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