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Molyneux: "I feel sorry for Denis Dyack"

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In what easily wins the "quote of the day" competition, Peter Molyneux has said he feels sorry for Denis Dyack, and that Too Human doesn't deserve the attention being poured on it by the h8torz.

"I feel sorry for Denis Dyack because you know, I think a few things were said wrong, there was that really unfortunate showing at E3 a few years ago," he told Videogamer at E3.

"Everyone got on the bandwagon of saying things about Too Human. Now I've played it and, you know, it's a good game. It doesn't deserve a lot of that harsh criticism. But as soon as something starts it's very hard to turn the tide and pull it back again. Unless you've got something in your back pocket to say, 'Ahaa, but what about this?' then it's really, really tough."

More through the link. As we reported yesterday, Dyack will be in London on August 5 to answer questions about his game before it releases on August 29.

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