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Missed a Kickstarter? This week's Humble Bundle has you covered

Kickstarter is a good way to pick up games cheaper than full price, but so are Humble Bundles. Let's combine the two.


The latest Humble Weekly Bundle offers a number of corwdfunded games.

Pay what you want for Guns of Icarus Online, AR-K and Full Bore. Cough up more than the average ($4.98 at time of writing) to also receive Among the Sleep and Retro Game Crunch. Finally, $13 or more scores you Lords of Xulima and Warmachine: Tactics.

All tiers come with a number of soundtracks.

There are a number of Linux, Mac and DRM-free offerings this time, and even one Android game. As ever, proceeds are split at your discretion between developers, organisers and charity - this time, Doctors Without Borders and the Center for Puppetry Arts are beneficiaries.

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