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Midnight Ghost Hunt haunts Epic Games Store as latest freebie

This multiplayer hide-and-seek game is currently in Early Access.

The latest Epic Games Store weekly freebie is Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Replacing last week's free game Death Stranding, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a 4v4 multiplayer title where spirits stalk the halls, and you are assigned to eliminate as a Ghost Hunter.

Developed by Vaulted Sky Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, it's Midnight Ghost Hunt. Can you survive?Watch on YouTube

You have all sorts of ghost-busting tech to banish them - if you so choose, because you can play the ghost instead.

As a ghost, you can conceal yourself inside harmless objects, such as furniture, lamps, and even clocks, to evade the Ghost Hunters. When they least suspect it, you can turn the environment against them with a telekinetic blast.

Ghostly perks include avoiding traps with Untrappable, seeing nearby Hunters through walls with Perception, and extending possess range with Ghostly Reach.

When midnight hits, the Hunters become the hunted, with ghosts becoming supercharged, giving Hunters limited time to survive.

You must communicate with your team to ensure victory, especially regarding paths enemies tread. You can also choose from various hi-tech gadgets designed to cast out ghosts. To detect them, you can use the Spectrophone, Radar, and Pathfinder, capture them with a Trap, and suck up their remains with the Vacuum. Alternatively, you can blast them to bits with the Spectral Cannon, sledgehammers, harpoons, salt-spewing shotguns, and more.

As a Hunter, you can also select Perks for a special boost. Choose from Lightweight's extra burst of speed, Healing Aura's health-replenishing capabilities, and many more powers to get ahead of the game.

Your hunt will occur across various settings, including an abandoned theatre, mansion, and cursed pirate ship. Each location brings different tactical considerations and items and varying opportunities to play tricks on opponents.

And this is just the beginning because you can expect more once the game leaves Early Access.

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