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Microsoft: Xbox Live gains a new user every two seconds

Xbox Live's head of marketing, Robin Burrowes, has said Xbox Live's popularity has grown considerably since its launch in November 2002, and continues to grow exponentially by gaining a new user every two seconds.

Speaking at the 2011 London Games Conference, Burrowes cited Xbox Live's original 2002 figures which saw 50,000 users flock to the service at launch. By the end of 2010, it had garnered 35 million users, up 15 million from the prior year's 20 million thanks in part to the launch of Kinect.

Burrowes said "users are resonating with the fact that the games console goes beyond its usual remit," and the company's European figures affirm this: 75% of console owner watch dvds and 72% download content.

He also said 42% use the social networks accessible through the console, and they chat and message one another while watching a video or TV show.

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