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Microsoft to hand out “storage solutions” to hard drive-less NXE users

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Worried the upcoming NXE Xbox 360 dashboard update won’t fit on your tiny 64MB memory card? Too cheap to do anything about it? Well, your miserly ways are about to pay off, because Microsoft plans to offer free “storage solutions” for those of you who snooze through the tutorial bit about saving your game.

"The new Xbox experience will require 128MB of free space,” Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb told Xbox 360 Fanboy.

“While we expect the majority of consumers to download the New Xbox Experience without a problem, a small percentage of Xbox 360 owners do not have enough memory to accommodate the update. To help ensure all Xbox LIVE members are able to download the New Xbox Experience and enjoy its new features, Microsoft will be offering storage solutions to the Xbox Live community.”

However, that’s where the Major cut the information stream short, subtly implying that maybe we should “be sure to check for more details in the coming weeks.”

Our guess? Definitely not a hard drive; those things are killers.

By Nathan Grayson

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