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Microsoft sees "a genuine concurrent and healthy existence," for both 360 and Xbox One

Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has told MCV the company has a "multi-year future" planned for Xbox 360 after the launch of Xbox One.

Speaking with the site, Lewis said the console has a strong third-party line-up and a new Xbox 360 SKU which will be promoted at Christmas.

“We remain very committed to our Xbox 360 business,” said Lewis. “It is an important part of the ecosystem, for our retailer partners, for our third-party developers and indeed for our own economics. So you are going to see us marketing Xbox 360 very strong.

"There is fantastic content coming to 360. GTA 5 and FIFA 14 will be out towards the end of September. Both of our consoles from our point of view will have a very healthy future for multiple years. In my own team I have a lot of people worrying a lot about that Xbox 360 plan, making sure that it is robust, that we have good healthy space in retail outlets, that we have a value proposition through Christmas, and that we harness some of that content I mentioned to you earlier.

"We see a genuine concurrent and healthy existence for both 360 and Xbox One.”

Xbox One is out in November.

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