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Microsoft rejects Motorola settlement, US ban could go into effect

Microsoft rejected a settlement with Motorola over the ActiveSync patent dispute used in 4GB and 250GB Xbox 360 Slim consoles, Windows 7, internet explorer and Windows media player. The mobile phone company ad offered to take a 2.25% royalty on 360 sales and 5¢ for every copy of Windows sold. In May, Judge David Shaw ruled Microsoft should pay a bond of 7% of the value of unsold Xbox 360 inventory on hand in the US, and that the firm should be handed a cease-and-desist order on Slim in the US unless the firm agreed to a settlement. Should the be implemented by the ITC, there will be a 60-day period in which the US president can overturn the decision. If not, Microsoft will be banned from selling the products in the US,  and in Germany. Thanks, CVG.[image]

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