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Microsoft outlines Live security, urges PW changes

Microsoft has added security improvements to Xbox Live, and according to a blog post from XBL general manager Alex Garden, the firm has suggested everyone update their passwords.

In the blog post, Garden said that many of the security enhancements and recovery processes with XBL are "dependent" on members having "valid, up-to-date security information in place."

"I encourage everyone to take five minutes today to check your security information and update it if necessary," he said. "If you have any lost or stolen security proofs, update them now to prevent any interruptions to your Xbox Live service in the future. We only use this information for your security, and never for marketing or advertising."

It was suggested users should change their passwords and use different usernames and passwords for Microsoft versus other services.

"The Internet has transformed the way we purchase goods and services and added layers of convenience to our lives," Garden continued. "Yet, disappointingly, online fraud increasingly victimizes millions of unsuspecting consumers each year.

"That is why our resolve at Microsoft to battle fraud and our commitment to account security is stronger than ever. I hope you'll take a few moments to protect your account today."

Garden also provided a list of changes made to the services' security measures:

  • We've increased notifications to members whose accounts may be compromised to add proofs, update their passwords, and, if necessary, contact Xbox support. This helps our team lock down an account quickly, investigate and restore the account to the rightful owner.
  • We've taken legal action to pull down online posts of gamertags, usernames and passwords gathered from malware or phishing schemes to help protect our members.
  • Our Xbox Live Spring update included many behind the scenes improvements that help us build on security enhancements for the near future.
  • We're sending unique codes to the security phone numbers and secondary email addresses provided by members to verify authorization for purchases or account change attempts not stemming from a member's trusted device.
  • We're working to reduce market incentives for criminal activity. Engaging in identity theft, trading in stolen accounts and committing credit card fraud are illegal and violate our Terms of Use.Those involved in these activities risk criminal prosecution, account and console bans. That goes for both sellers and buyers of known stolen accounts and content.

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