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Microsoft looks to 100 million consoles with 360, NPD to show 2:1 ratio to PS3 for October

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Speaking at today's annual BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference, Microsoft entertainment division CFO Mindy Mount insinuated that Xbox 360 is to become a 100 million-selling machine.

Mount said that by the end of this month, Microsoft predicts the console's global installed base will reach 25 million units, surpassing that of the first Xbox.

"It's a great milestone for us, but it's still only a start, when you consider that history shows that more than three-fourths of a console's sales come at a price of $199 or lower," a price point that the company reached just a month ago.

Mount also said that tonight's NPD figures will show a 2:1 sales ratio to PS3 in the US in October.

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