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Microsoft hiring TV producer to create "cutting edge" Xbox experiences

Microsoft is hiring for a TV producer to help create "cutting edge" content for Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live, according to a new job posting. It comes on the heels of rumours that the company is gearing up to launch an Xbox TV set-top box in 2013. Get the details below.

OXM reports that the vacancy is held at Microsoft's London studio, and that, "Soho Productions is pushing the boundaries of Kinect and Xbox LIVE to bring a new line of interactive television experiences to the world."

The applicant will be required to create prototypes, according to the advert, "This is a unique opportunity to be a TV producer creating a whole new category of cutting edge experiences built for Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live. As this is a small and agile team, working at a rapid pace, on multiple prototypes so the ability to multitask and track multiple projects will be essential."

Applicant's are also expected to have worked, "On a number of known TV IP," and have a "Strong technical background."

What do you make of Microsoft's approach to TV. What end products could it yield? Let us know below.

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