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Microsoft adds additional security features to user accounts

Microisoft has rolled out extra security features to help account holders across all platforms remain in control of their data, amid reports of NSA snooping on services including Xbox Live.

The new features include a Recent Activity list, showing sign-ins and other account activity. A simple "this wasn't me" button will allow users to alert Microsoft to security breaches.

New recovery codes have been added to allow users to retrieve their account should they misplace log-in details entirely.

Microsoft has also implemented the ability to choose where security notifications such as password resets are sent.

The new features will arrive "over the next couple of days", according to a post from Microsoft Accounts group program manager Eric Doerr on Microsoft's official TechNet blog, and are designed to grant users "more visibility and control" over account security.

As your Xbox Live ID is tied to a Microsoft account, it's a good idea to thoroughly investigate all Microsoft's security options to help protect your achievements - and personal data.

Thanks, CVG.

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