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MGS: Peace Walker HD controls previewed

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD has a new control setup, and apparently, the addition of the second analog stick in the control scheme make for a better experience.

That's according to hands-on piece from Siliconera, which states that "playing with two analog sticks simply [remaps the original's shooter control] functions to the right analog stick."

"While this sounds like a little change, it actually adds a lot to the game, making it feel much smoother and easier to line up headshots," said Siliconera. "The PSP game’s auto aim option and (very helpful) aim assist are still in the game, but this just feels like the way Peace Walker was meant to be played. The default sensitivity when I wasn’t aiming at things was a little too twitchy for my taste, initially, but that was quickly remedied by lowering it by about half in the options menu.

"Only two of the newly-freed buttons are utilized under this new control scheme. The triangle button has become the go-to action button, appearing on prompts where up on the d-pad used to be. However, I used up on the d-pad to interrogate one of the soldiers I had in a headlock (it was instinct! I’ve played a lot of Peace Walker…), and discovered that it worked just as an action button as triangle. X is now the button used for crouching or going prone, making Peace Walker feel even more like its predecessors. Once again, its positional counterpart on the d-pad did the same thing."

The site goes on to state that the weapon and item menus are now accessed through R2 and L2, respectively, and you navigate through these menus using the d-pad instead of the buttons.

You can read the full thing through the link.

MGS: Peace Walker HD will be part of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 when it is released this winter.

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