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Mew-Genics Trinkets to be slightly randomly-generated

Mew-Genics, the mysterious new game from Team Meat, will allow players to collect stat-changing items called Trinkets, but in keeping with the theme of randomness, no two will be alike.

In a new blog post, Edmund McMillen revealed that Trinkets will appear throughout the game, and will be "imbued with magic properties that change space and time".

Just how each Trinket affects gameplay depends on its properties, which will be "semi randomly generated", so there's "a good chance" that you won't find an item with the same stats as other players will.

Team Meat currently has 105 Trinket types. Players will acquire Trinket Display Cases to showcase their collection; the first one holds just 15, suggesting you'll have to choose carefully. That said, Team Meat hasn't revealed what the Trinkets actually do, except that they "become more vital as the game progresses". Hmm.

So far, we've seen five character reveals and a theme song in weekly Mew-genics teases, but we still don't know what the game involves beyond randomness and lots and lots of cats.

Thanks, GameInformer.

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