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Metro developer's cancelled undersea shooter footage unearthed - rumour

Metro 2033 and Last Light developer 4A Games was once poised to produce an undersea shooter. Come see what might have been.


Deep6 was the codename for a THQ shooter set in the aftermath of an alien invasion, in which our new marine overlords had flooded the earth. Having discovered the rot at the heart of an underwater processing facility, the protagonist would fight their way to the surface - and freedom.

The project did not make it past the creative stage before being shelved, and until now all we'd ever seen of it was some concept art. Now YouTuber BananaSwag has dug up what they believe is an early prototype, likely developed by a US-based THQ team.

Allegedly found on the hard drive of an Xbox Development Kit alongside several other mysterious and rare goodies, the demo is non-interactive and is likely intended as concept footage.

Watch on YouTube

We've reached out to former THQ executive Danny Bilson hoping to have the video authenticated and learn a little more about the project. Speaking to Edge in 2013 (via Gameranx), Bilson said Deep6 was cancelled before it was ever handed over to 4A Games, which went on to Metro: Last Light instead.

Perhaps it's all for the best; BioShock has pretty much dominated underwater first-person space, hasn't it? It's super interesting to peek behind the curtain. More games are prototyped and abandoned each year than we ever imagine.

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