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Mastertronic Humble Weekly Bundle offers 14 games

The latest Humnble Weekly Bundle is packed to the gills with games published by Mastertronic.


Pay what you want for Montague's Mount, Blast Em (with source code), May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville, The Shopkeeper, Richard & Alice, Speedball 2 HD and The Chaos Engine.

Cough more than the average (#3.21 at time of writing) to also receive Concursion, 10 Second Ninja, 0rbitalis (Early Access) and Over 9000 Zombies (Early Access).

Finally, if you pay more than $15 you'll also get Tango Fiesta (Early Access), Dream (Early Access) and Runers.

Some of the games are available on Linux and Mac, and there are several with DRM free downloads on offer.

As ever, you choose how proceeds are split between organisers, charity and developers. Head on over to Humble Bundle to take advantage.

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