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Massive Chalice Kickstarter ends at 169% funded

Double Fine's second Kickstarter has closed with $1,229,015 raised to fund its turn-based strategy Massive Chalice.

The developer had asked for $725,000 but the increased funding will be used to increase the game's scope.

Unusually, the Double Fine team led by Brad Muir did not set any stretch goals; Massive Chalice has turned to crowdfunding at the concept stage, and as such the developer might have been boxed into a corner by announcing additional features so early in the developmental process.

That said, backers have already begun shaping the game's design, as for example in requesting same-sex partnerships, something Muir seemed quite pleased to be reminded of.

Double Fine is a multi-team studio, which explains how it can have two Kickstarter-backed projects on the go at the same time - we're still waiting for Broken Age, which began the Kickstarter revolution. Although some fans expressed displeasure at this doubling up, Massive Chalice was funded in well under a week.

Massive Chalice is expected on Linux, Mac and PC in September 2014. If you'd like to know more, Dave had a chat with Muir about the game's unusual, dynastic systems.

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