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Marvelous to support NGP with multiple titles this fiscal year

In its latest financial report, Marvelous Entertainment detailed its support plans for NGP over the course of its current fiscal year.

According to its preliminary listings, multiple titles will be released for the platform which still doesn't have an exact release date; however, Marvelous' report states it will be out by the end of 2011 as expected.

The firm also expects sale to ¥3,800 million yen this year, and going from a ¥77 million yen loss last year to a gain of ¥210 million this year, putting the firm back in the black.

Marvelous also highlighted unit sales for its titles released over the previous fiscal year:

  • No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise: 28,000 on PS3; 21,000 on X360
  • Ikki Tousen Xross Impact: 34,000 on PSP
  • Harvest Moon Twin Villages: 230,000 on DS
  • Fate/Extra: 106,000 on PSP
  • No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle: 25,000 on Wii
  • Rune Factory Oceans: 49,000 on PS3, 23,000 on Wii
  • Night of the Sacrifice (Ikenie no Yoru): 5,000 on Wii

Marvelous also reported that its browser-based games, Harvest Moon and Ikki Tousen, each had 200,000 and 60,000 members, respectively, as of the end of April.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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