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Mario & Sonic At Sochi 2014 Winter Games dated for UK & Europe

Mario & Sonic At Sochi 2014 Winter Games has been confirmed for a November 8 release date in the UK and Europe. Sega has also detailed the game's modes ahead of release.

The Wii U title will feature 12 Olympic events and a further eight "Dream Events" that are a bit more fantastical.

Aside from standard modes of play and competitive multiplayer, Sega has also revealed Legends Showdown mode, which sees 20 heroes from Sega and Nintendo's stables and sees them competing in an ultimate showdown set across five specific areas of skill. Each area has its own boss character who can then be defeated to claim a Legend Trophy.

Also, the new Action & Answer Tour takes a quiz show approach to mini-games. It throws up to four players together in a head-to-head clash to earn points by being the fastest and most skilled player. It sounds a little like Mario Party, which is no bad thing.

A batch of recent screenshots are through the link.

What do you think? Will you pick the game up? Let us know below.

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