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Maple Story: more than half of in-game marriages end in divorce

Maple Story produces some interesting player behaviour, like a famous culture of in-game weddings - and divorces.

According to a Nexon press release, via Massively, 28,000 couples have gotten hitched in Maple Story, but 15,000 have subsequently divorced.

The longest marriage in the game to date has lasted 1,100 days - that's over three years. The shortest was three seconds long, a feat not yet challenges by celebrity couples. The average is 518 days, for some reason 2012 was a particularly bad year with an average marriage length of just 107 days. The most-married player in Maple Story has tied the knot 13 times.

Maple Story is a side-scrolling MMO of enduring popularity, to the bafflement of its detractors.

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