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Maia arrives on Steam Early Access in December

Sci-fi base-building god sim Maia will be within your greedy little reach by the end of the year.

In a Kickstarter update, creator Simon Roth confirmed plans for Maia to launch through Steam Early Access on December 3.

Roth noted that the distant launch date was enabled by direct pre-orders; having made about £12,000 from pre-purchases, the team doesn't need the "big cash injection" a Steam launch brings, and can therefore take its time.

"There's a lot of work to go in before we release the alpha to the masses. Although getting everyone of you Steam keys is very important to me, having anywhere from ten to a hundred thousand new testers overnight would be a bit much to handle," Roth said.

If you're not to sure what this Maia thing is all about, an alpha video from last month gives a bit of an idea of how it all works.

Thanks, Polygon.

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