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Madden 22 best defensive playbooks and all defensive formations

The best ways to stop the opposition in their tracks

The best Madden 22 defensive playbooks can stop the opposition in their tracks.

Sure, you can get by with basic plays and the standard options common to every team. If you want to stand a chance in the meta, though, you’ll have to dig into formations and experimenting with different positions and alt plays.

Madden 22 defensive playbooks | All defensive formations

Madden 22 3-4

The 3-4 formation uses four linebackers and three linemen in a bid to stop running plays from the opposing team. It’s a balanced formation that lets you deal with threats from either side, but 3-4 is weak to long plays and passing thanks to how it clusters your players.

Madden 22 4-3

This is a more aggressive formation designed to keep the quarterback from going far. This, too, is vulnerable to any passing play, along with plays that run along the outside. Most of your strength is focused down the middle, so be aware of what the other team is doing.

Madden 22 3-3-5

The Nickel and Dime package subs out players to bolster your defense. The Nickel play adds an extra cornerback to enhance passing coverage, while the Dime play is a strong anti-passing formation with six defensive backs covering almost every passing option the other team might throw at you.

Madden 22 best defensive playbooks

Madden’s defensive playbooks all use the same basic moves. The key is how they handle formations, more complex maneuvers that let you create an organized defense capable of stopping advanced offensive schemes.

Madden 22 best defensive playbooks | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs’ defensive playbook is best suited for 3-4 formation. This formation prioritizes speed by sending linebackers down the field, and the Bucs have no shortage of fast LBs. Some players are still leaning towards a 3-3-5 formation with this one from the previous Madden, however, swapping out Safeties with LBs to increase the pressure. 3-4 is the safer bet for newcomers, though.

Madden 22 best defensive playbooks | Minnesota Vikings

4-3 setups are more difficult to deal with, but the Vikings’ playbook is a solid choice if you’re determined to use it. Your goal is taking out the QB and close-range passing fast with this one, since your mid-field coverage is less capable of stopping threats.

Madden 22 best defensive playbooks | The Alternate 46

The Alternate 46 is where you’ll find a number of fan-favorite moves, including The Big Nickel. It all still works the same as usual and is a top choice when you want handy variants on standard plays from other books.

Of course, defense is only have the game, and we've got the best offensive playbooks for Madden 22 as well. If you're to take a break from the field, check out our extensive collection of Warzone guides and loadouts, or maybe just roam the streets in Grand Theft Auto Online's fastest cars

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