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Madden 22 best offensive playbooks and all offensive plays

Offense truly is the best defense

The best Madden 22 offensive playbooks are what takes your game to the next level.

Sure, you can get by with basic plays and the standard options common to every team. If you want to rise through ranks or take your team online, you’ll have to dig into formations and experimenting with different positions and alt plays.

Madden 22 offensive playbooks | Offense formations

These formations are common to most playbooks, and you’ll be running them most of the time in one form or another.

Madden 22 I form

This is a running play where your halfback and lineback protect the quarterback as he pushes down the middle of the field. It’s risky, but also has good rewards if you can pull a pass off while the defense is distracted.

Madden 22 Singleback form

Singleback keeps the defense guessing what your next move is, since it works for passing and running thanks to splitting up running backs and wide receivers. It’s viable for both passing and running.

Madden 22 Shotgun

Shotgun is a strong passing play, but also a risky one. The QB, under heavy cover, stands further back to catch the ball, then lobs it to a receiver.

Madden 22 Pistol

Pistol is a more dramatic version of Shotgun where the play is almost the same, but a running back stands much further afield. It’s higher risk, but high reward as well.

Madden 22 Strong and Weak

These plays are the same except for where your fullback ends up. In Strong, the FB huddles with most of the blockers, and they’re on the other side in Weak. The goal is setting up a play the defense thinks is obvious, then using that to your advantage and running past their formation.

Madden 22 best playbooks | Best offensive playbooks

Your best bet with an offensive playbook is picking one that excels in a given area. Multiple options for passing, for example, mean that, even if you have a weak passing game, there’s still enough variety to keep your running play strong and fresh.

Madden 22 best offensive playbooks | Baltimore Ravens

Run, Pass, Options plays aren’t going anywhere in Madden, and the Ravens’ playbook is a strong choice for these, especially Run options. Pass is slightly weaker, but a highly mobile QB means that’s not much of an issue most of the time.

Madden 22 best offensive playbooks | New York Patriots

Most consider the Patriots’ playbook a balanced one, and while that’s true to an extent, it shines the most with passing plays. This book has over 300 passing plays, plus some star RBs to pull them off. Additional run and option plays help round this one out, though.

Madden 22 best offensive playbooks | Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders’ playbook is a go-to choice if you want an all-around solid strategy. This one is rare in that it has strong passing and running options, so, unlike with the actual Raiders, there’s not much to complain about.

We've also got the best Madden 22 defensive playbooks for when you're on the other side of the field. But if you're looking to take a break from the field, check out our extensive collection of Warzone guides and loadouts, or maybe just roam the streets in Grand Theft Auto Online's fastest cars.

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