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Lucid Games racer revealed as iOS title

2K Drive is an iOS racer from the group of former Bizarre Creations staffers at Lucid Games - which is great, obviously, but it's not Project Gotham Racing 5.

The free-to-play iOS title turned up on the Dutch and UAE App Stores in May, according to Superannuation.

A helpful follower downloaded the app and noticed the Lucid Games logo in its splash screens.

The timing lines up with a tease from the developer that a project would be revealed in May, disappointing those who had hoped this would be the long-fabled Project Gotham Racing 5.

That's not to say the team don't have another project in the works, as multiple batches of hires suggest - and let's not forget McLaren's tease last week.

If Project Gotham Racing 5 really is a thing - despite the existence of Forza Motorsport 5 - we can expect it to show its shiny, shiny face at Microsoft's E3 presentation.

It's not clear why 2K Drive has not yet made it to other territories' App Stores.

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