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No, Looney Tunes isn't leaving Max, but we are losing Space Jam's not quite sequel

Turns out that Max just made a mistake.

Despite recent reports, Warner Bros. Discovery's streaming service Max won't be kicking Looney Tunes to the curb.

Earlier this week, when Warner Bros. Discovery announced what films and TV series would be coming and going from Max in December, which included the entirety of its Looney Tunes catalogue as part of what's leaving. While disappointing to many, it wasn't exactly surprising, as Warner Bros. Discovery has been on a bit of a kick since the companies' merger with getting rid of various properties it owns the rights to on its own streaming service. However, as reported by Variety, it turns out that this was just a mistake, with Looney Tunes inclusion in the list of titles being removed as a mistake.

"Please note - a revised What’s New on Max This December press release can be found below," reads a statement from Max. "'Looney Tunes' was included in error as a title leaving the platform. This is not the case and the show will continue streaming on Max." That doesn't mean everything Looney Tunes is staying no Max, though. Looney Tunes: Back in Action, the 2003, not-quite-sequel to Space Jam, live action, animation hybrid starring Bredan Fraser is still leaving, a decision that is again, unsurprising, but still silly.

The reason no one was all that surprised at the supposed removal of Looney Tunes from Max is because Warner Bros. Discovery recently announced it would be scrapping Coyote vs. Acme, another live action, animation hybrid film starring John Cena. Things quickly didn't look good for Warner Bros. Discovery, though, as it even had a US congressman calling for change. The film is now reportedly being shopped around to other potential buyers at the very least, so the project might still get to see the light of day. Let's just hope we don't hear about anymore projects Warner Bros. Discovery being called all in the name of saving a bit of money.

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