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PS Move: LBP, EyePet and sports titles demoed live


Sony's shown off the first PlayStation Move games in San Francisco tonight, including old favourites and new content.

Beginning with a game called Sports Champions, a mode called Gladiator Duel was shown off. In it, the guy demoing the title fought an opponent with a hammer and shield, and was able to juggle the other fighter and do taunts. You can use two controllers with it.

Another mode from Sports Champions shown was table tennis. It has top-spin and back-spin, fast and slow shots, the kitchen sink. It looked great.

Next game shown was party game Move Party from Guildford-based Supermassive, showing augmented reality and face-tracking. The demo showed the player splatting bugs with a tennis racket, before painting lines with a paint brush. The next demo from the title showed haircutting, before the final section showed chicks being moved around with fans.

Sony then showed how an existing IP can utilize Move: LittleBigPlanet. The demo started off with manipulating objects with Move in the game, with one player moving stuff and the other being Sackboy, showing a fair bit of co-op. The demo also showed various ways to move Sackboy around.

Another IP that works with Move is Studio London's Eyepet. A video was shown during the event, utilizing how the game works with the controller, from blow drying the pet and washing him. The game's due in the US in holiday 2010.

A new fighter was also revealed called Motion Fighters, showing headlock moves, spin attacks and no-holds brawling with two men covered in lots of tattoos.

SOCOM 4 was shown finally, using the "Nunchuk" rumoured earlier this week. The entire game can be played with the new controller.

That's your lot peeps. Get more from Steph's liveblog here.

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