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Lima Sky stops issuing "trademark warnings" to App makers using the word "doodle"


Doodle Jump developer Lima Sky has decided to stop issuing "trademark warnings" to App Store developers who use "doodle" in the title of their games.

According to Igor Pusenjak, president and co-founder of Lima Sky, he was just overreacting and his warnings a bit "overreaching".

"Although my lawyer has advised me not to respond to the attacks on Lima Sky and Doodle Jump since our notice, I must," he told "First, I've instructed my lawyer to contact Apple today to withdraw the notice. That notice was sent out largely to protect our Doodle Jump trademark from threats of being canceled by Bryan Duke's big-house law firm.

"One of their arguments for threatening to cancel our registered Doodle Jump trademark was that we did not prevent other games from using the word 'Doodle'. The notice overreached in asking Apple to remove the games and named some games that probably should not have been singled out.

"We never intended to have those games removed from the App Store, only to insist that infringing elements from those games be changed. And we have made this clear to every developer who has contacted us -- you don't need to take your game down, but you need to change the infringing elements.

"So, if the name of your game is so close to Doodle Jump that people think Lima Sky created it, we are asking you to change that. If you copied characters from Doodle Jump, we are asking you to change those."

Back in June, Doodle Jump has already sold five million units of the iPhone/iPad game.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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