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Light controls mode detailed for SSFIV 3D


Capcom community director Seth Killian has detailed the easy or "Light" mode for Super Street Fighter IV: 3D.

According to Killian, speaking with MTV, the 3DS version of the game is the firm's "best attempt yet," at making the controls accessible to everyone using configurable touchpad controls.

"I'd say this game is probably the biggest step in that direction," he said. "Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has some options in Simple mode, but it's a pretty restrictive move set, and Super Street Fighter 4's light mode [still gives] access to absolutely everything. So it's actually better than that.

"For instance, Marvel gives you preset moves in Simple, but in this, say you play Ryu, and you have no problem throwing fireballs, but the Dragon Punch has always been hard for you. You can not configure a fireball motion, and have just a Dragon Punch, so you can assign your touch panels to whatever special moves you want, to sort of suit your particular play style. It's not just an easy mode, it's an easy mode that’s customizable to your particular strengths and weakness.

"There are two modes, Light and Pro, but even on Pro you can use the touch screen to do button inputs. In the Light mode, you can do actual special moves, even a 720-degree pile driver at the touch of a button, which is fantastic for me because I have trouble doing pile drivers with Zangief, even on the analog. It's tough.

"There's an adjustment period, but it's such an easy adjustment period, and for me it's more than an adjustment period, it actually opened the door to characters that I had just written off to play. I watch a lot of Street Fighter, and great Zangief players, and I know what I want to do, but I can't physically do it on pads, but now I can. So I think for people that have always been a little interested in Street Fighter, but thought it was too technical, or that they'd never be able to do any of the 'good moves,' that's all over now."

Killian added that those playing Pro mode online will be able to filter out those using Light mode.

SSFIV:3D will be part of 3DS’s launch line-up when it releases on March 25 in Europe and March 27 in the US.

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