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Level 5 working on unannounced PS3, Wii titles


Level 5 has said in a speech welcoming potential recruits to the studio that the developer is working on unannounced PS3 and Wii titles.

"We're currently producing titles for PS3, Wii and so forth," said CEO, Akihiro Hino. "I believe we'll soon be able to announce a new console title," he further added.

He also mentioned why the developer has been attached to DS so much this gen.

"We develop for the DS because we determined that it was the most suitable machine to put out a new title. We've been researching and developing for consoles, but when making a product under our own brand, we must make sure that it is 'a product with a chance of success."

Hino also mentioned the company's intentions to open a studio in the US.

So far, the company's making another Professor Layton title for DS and White Knight Chronicles 2 for PlayStation 3, and is thought to be creating Dragon Quest X for Wii, although that's not been confirmed.

Currently, Dragon Quest IX for DS is yet to receive a release in the west after launching in Japan last summer, while White Knight Chronicles is due for a release this month for PS3 in Europe.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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