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Leland Yee: Supreme Court ruling puts Wal-Mart before US kids

The California state senator headlining the violent games case at the United States Supreme Court today said the ruling in favor of refusing to make the sale of adult game to minors illegal is a disservice to America's children.

State senator Leland Yee was quoted by PC Magazine as saying that the Supreme Court "put the interests of corporate America" before the interests of children.

"As a result of their decision, Wal-Mart and the videogame industry will continue to make billions of dollars at the expense of our kids' mental health and the safety of our community," Yee went on to say.

"It is simply wrong that the videogame industry can be allowed to put their profit margins over the rights of parents and the well-being of children."

The case was struck down today in a 7-2 decision in which several judges declared there to be no concrete evidence that videogames are causing adverse harm to the well-being of young players.

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