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King Arthur II to feature more maps, flying units

Neocore content designer Viktor Juhász has said King Arthur II's maps will be more numerous and varied than the occasionally repetitive original game.

"The battle systems got a huge revamp," Juhász told HookedGamers.

"The Campaign Map will be divided into small regions – sometimes even smaller than the provinces – and each has its own battlemap that roughly reflects the terrain conditions of that particular region on the Campaign Map. It will be more varied and it will also add to the atmosphere of the game.

"The victory location system also changed a bit: now you will capture important locations on the battlefield that grant you global bonuses, thus you’re not tied to a location on the edge of the battlefield just to be able to use the bonuses it grants.

"Former locations with weak bonuses, like villages, are omitted – in King Arthur II every location will grant you powerful bonuses that are really useful in a battle against your enemies."

The mythological side of Britannia has been turned up, too, with both the player's and enemy forces able to command flying creatures.

"The battles have two levels – you can fight both on the ground and in the air,"

"The flying units are very fast and they can fly above obstacles, rivers or buildings without any negative terrain modifiers, which gives the players new tactical possibilities.

"In King Arthur II we’ll introduce more diverse fantasy creatures, so you can recruit a wider range of creatures to your side. You’ll be able to command shapeshifters, gargoyles, and dragons, just to mention a few of them."

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