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Killing Floor Christmas event will fly you to the moon

It's time to save Christmas again, and this time you get to do it on the moon. Tripwire Interactive's wave-based survival game Killing Floor continues to entertain with the ridiculous themes it throws together for its seasonal events.

The December event, Twisted Christmas III: Evil Santa's Moonbase, went live on Tuesday and features the new Moonbase map as well as new weapons - a dwarven battle axe if you can earn enough gold, new characters, achievements and unlockables, all for low gravity monster-slaying madness. To play all this for free up till January 4, you'll need to own Killing Floor of course.

Courtesy of Gamasutra, that tells us that on top of the free stuff, there's also a new weapon pack consisting of a gold-plated AK-47, the combat shotgun and the M79.

Baddest Santa is again unlocakble in this period for those who haven't got him yet. Check out the Killing Floor site for the details. The game is available on Steam for PC and Mac as well as a Linux beta.

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