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KickBeat heading to Steam on January 20, new songs & content revealed

KickBeat is battering its way to Steam after launching on PS3 and PS Vita. It'll drop January 20 and developer Zen Studios is adding new content into the mix just for you, PC fans.

You'll find the KickBeat Steam hub through the link, complete with a trailer and initial details.

Zen Studios has added six tracks from the Electronic Super Joy soundtrack to the single player campaign, bringing the total song count to 24. Advanced difficulty mode has been added to free play, while Beat Your Music mode is unlocked much earlier than before, allowing you to create your own tracks.

The game's difficulty has been tweaked, the visuals have been improved and it comes with full controller support, Steam achievements and trading cards.

Here's the track-list so far:

  • Pendulum - Self vs. Self, Propane Nightmares (Celldweller Remix)
  • Celldweller – Switchback, I Can’t Wait
  • Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People
  • Shen Yi – War Dance
  • POD – Boom
  • Papa Roach – Last Resort
  • Blue Stahli – Takedown, Scrape, Ultranumb
  • Southpaw Swagger – It’s Showtime
  • Pre-Fight Hype – It’s Goin Down
  • Voicians – Fighters, The Construct
  • Rob Zombie – Scum of the Earth
  • Styles Beyond – Nine Thou (Grant Mohrman “Superstar’ Remix)
  • Pre-Fight Hype & Southpaw Swagger – Tug-O-War
  • enV – Destination
  • enV – RPM
  • enV – Vee
  • enV – Shakestopper
  • enV – OCP
  • enV - Bloom

Let us know what you think below.

Via DualShockers.

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