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Key pro-R18+ Australian politician resigns

To introduce an R18+ video games rating in Australia, each state's Attorney-General has to reach a consensus. Tasmanian Attorney-General David Bartlett has always been one of the most passionate supporters of the cause - until he unexpectedly resigned yesterday.

R18+ in Australia

According to Kotaku, Bartlett simply didn't feel strongly about the role any more.

"[F]or the past two to three weeks ... I have had to question whether or not I still have the passion and commitment that is required,” he claims.

The timing could hardly be worse for Aussie gamers, with the country currently unsure of the allegiances of the remaining Attorneys-General just two months out from the upcoming SCAG meeting in July. This next gathering of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General was pegged to be the decision-maker, but with Bartlett's vote no longer guaranteed, people aren't so sure.

Bartlett had been a strong, public supporter of the R18+ classification, one of the first in the country to voice his calm, rational opinion on the topic. He has resigned to spend more time with his family, the same reason he gave when stepping down from the Premier position earlier this year.

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