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Keighley takes blurry bulls**t VGA hype to seventh level

GameTrailers' Geoff Keighley's posted a terrible picture of a VGA billboard on Times Square on Twitter, promising it contains "cool world premiere news".

If you squint really, really hard, you'll see it says, "A PS3 exclusive you won't believe," as deciphered by VG247's Gekidami.

Pretty sure we will believe it, to be honest. Unless there's been some kind of tear in the universal fabric it'll be a shiny thing about hitting or shooting enemies. Either that or Cage's next game.

In fact, the only thing I really can't believe is that I wrote this post. Who's the idiot now, Pat? It's f**king slow: what am I supposed to do? Shut up, Pat.

The VGAs take place on December 10. It's already been confirmed that it's going to include a look at BioWare's next game, which is being strongly tipped as a new C&C title.

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