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Avalanche has "several surprises planned" for 2015, hopefully one is Just Cause 3

Here's some interesting news for you: Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios is expanding its work space to provide its 160 Stockholm-based developers with more room to work.

The firm's New York offices were also recently expanded in the SoHo district for the 90 developers it houses.

Sounds like plenty of room is needed not only to keep the creative juices flowing, but maybe because there are numerous things in the works at the firm, doesn't it?

Apparently, yes.

According to Avalanche "2015 is set to be the biggest year since the inception of Avalanche Studios," what with the release of Mad Max along with "several surprises planned" for the year.

Several? Nice. Maybe one of those surprises will be the announcement of Just Cause 3, which has been rumored to be in the works since 2011.

Here's hoping.

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